Become a certified customer service coach/instructor at the 2023 WAACSP Trainers Network (WTN) program


Become a certified customer service coach/instructor at the 2023 WAACSP Trainers Network (WTN) program

Application is now open for admission into the 2023 co-hort of the WAACSP Trainers Network (WTN) leading into accepted  applicants being trained and upon successful completion , be certified and licensed as customer service trainers/instructors.  Having identified dearth of trained and quality customer service educators as key leading factor in the continuing decline in quality of customer experience  in Africa at 46% in the CS education outlook of 2020-2022,  [ Read Here ] the technical study group report recommended at-least 500 more customer service trainers  within the next decade to populate and provide a fulcrum for teaching, training and improving service education, curriculum, practices and procedures in customer service.

To this end, the 2023 process which seeks to IDENTIFY, TRAIN and LICENSE individuals to become certified customer service EDUCATORS under the WAACSP umbrella in the West African sub region kick starts with this post.  

After a successful 2022 diet that has seen certified participants now improving service education means it is a right progression. 

Fourteen (14) ECOWAS nationals were certified in 2022 and since certification in July have trained over 300 persons under the WAACSP auspices including the capacity building programs of the 2022 customer service week and the 2nd diet of the ECOWAS -WAACSP Basic Certification program in Customer Service (BCCS) held November 2022, a few more of them, have trained over 500 persons in their individual capacities using their platforms and have now gone on to dominate the customer service education space in West Africa improving customer service knowledge to business owners, individuals etc.

Click below to see some members of the 2022 cohort and their impact:

Segun Manuel

Sotonye - Customer Service Hub


The 2023 program will cover evaluation for suitability for the program, pre program test, an 8weeks training period, certification assessment and 2 post certification training to build knowledge capacity in the CS industry. The timeline for the program:

- Dec, 6: Application opens

- February 24, 2023: Application portal closes

- March 05- 11, 2023: Screening and evaluation for suitability of applicants for the program.

- March 05- 11, 2023: Results of application/admission status for the program and list of successful applicants released.

- March 18- April 23: 6 weeks training

- May 06 - 27: Certification assesment, result, arbitration, recertification

- June 01, 2023: Issuance of certificate, license, training portal and complete certification as a CERTIFIED CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINER

The WAACSP Trainers Faculty comprises of experienced customer service instructors, practitioners and education/training experts.

The training comprises a broad curriculum that adds to participants previous knowledge and prepares individual for a productive knowledge based career as a CS trainer.  

At the completion of the program, successful participants are at liberty to join the WAACSP Trainers Network and be part of the faculty in driving CS education across the ECOWAS region but most poignantly the authority to offer customer service training/education to organizations (private and public) under the WTN auspices or in private capacity.


Registration is open for a non refundable fee of $20

Click Here to begin the application process.

Training fee: $30

License fee - $120

- Application fee guarantees interview and evaluation for suitability to be admitted into the program.

If admitted, participant will then pay a $30 training fee for the 8 weeks of training. Upon successful completion of the program and being certified, participant are then to pay a one off license fee of $120  which gives participants
- Trainer Certificate
-License and WTN number.
- Personalized web link of now certified trainer on the WTN webpage that allows for the outside world to engage trainers for training services/consulting

View The WTN trainers portal

All fee though denominated in USD are payable on WAACSP approved FX rate per country.  The association ensures total fees payable for the program reflects and corresponds to same cost as with previous cohorts.
(Dollar valuation NGN 710, GHc 14, Gambia Dalasis 61.6)  

Read benefits and terms of the program from the 2022 program outlay

The WTN is the college of professional trainers formerly known as League of trainers that metamorphosized into WAACSP. The WTN remains the soul of WAACSP and are saddled with training, education and policy formulation on customer service in West Africa.
To know more about WAACSP trainers network, it’s origination, history and how it metamorphosed from league of trainers to the WAACSP, CLICK HERE to download the 2021 induction brochure.

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