Frequently Asked Questions

The WAACSP structure and layout

The West African Associations of customer service professionals is an umbrella body in the sub region, a compendium of service organizations, professionals, facilitators and service delivery experts. In a bid to increase the respect and hold of personnel’s in the industry, the body aims to regulate and organize the learning and standard of skill attainment of professionals in the region.

Power of operation

The legal framework establishing WAACSP is on two fold:
The ECOWAS protocol of rights and establishment as obtained on establishment in Abidjan, October 2017. The draft of establishment is currently under consideration at the ECOWAS parliament in Abuja Nigeria as submitted October 2018.

Who is open to membership?

Membership of WAACSP is open to customer service professionals certificated in any of the 17 ECOWAS countries; however, verification and evaluation suitability will be undertaken by the association before membership is granted.

Intending members without any training or certificated, will undergo training via online or offline training at WAACSP accredited training institutes in your destination country. On successful completion of the training membership will subsequently processed.

What customer service training or certificate is admissible?

>> Basic Customer Service Skills.
>> Customer Relationship Management.
>> Customer Service Techniques.

How can one join?

On the home page is a list of membership options:

What are benefits of membership?

Key leverage of being a member of West African Association of Customer Service professional is recognition as a certified member of the service industry in the region.

As a rated and recognized organization; members are accorded same input in the industry and increased chance of engagement and recruitment.
Listed on the members page increases members visibility, recognition and employment chances by WAACSP partner recruitment organization and other recruiting firms and companies worldwide.

What do I get on membership?

1. Membership number
2. Official membership letter from the authority.
3. A personal WAACSP link to apply for international customer service jobs.

How is the CS rating arrived and how does it affect my employment chances?

The members rating are a standard benchmark for rating level of expertise with a view to projecting best hands in the profession.

Rating is arrived on two fronts:
1. Year of current (or latest) CS certification.
    Note: certificate validity on WAACSP is on a two year life span.
2. Evaluation using our in-house mechanism including; certificate vetting and organizational rating, in person evaluation by our examiners body of mentors and instructors.

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