The Annual Call Centre: Skills & Management Training (Call Centre SMT) Workshop 2024 Edition


The Annual Call Centre: Skills & Management Training (Call Centre SMT) Workshop 2024 Edition

Of all the customer service channels/touchpoints, service over the telephone remains the most used.


Check out these stats:


- 61% of consumers say they prefer calls to any other form of engagement with their service providers.
- 44% of service providers' investment in service touchpoints is on calls and allied services.
- Organizations record thrice as much engagement from clients via phone calls than any other engagement channels.
-All the above stats are from PBI via CXT Summits 2023.


Service over the telephone gives both customers and businesses the most efficient means to resolve complaints, inquiries, and requests faster and with a personalized touch, hence it is widely accepted as the better way to communicate B2C and B2B.


Over the past years, The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals (WAACSP) have made conscious effort to build capacity and equip service professionals not only on all service touch points but to give specialized and dedicated sessions each year to refresh and update on service over the telephone titled: Call Centre: Skills Management Training (Call Centre SMT).


The 2024 refresher workshop on Call Centre: Skills & Management Training will be held over a four-day period across two weekends in April: 26th-27th and May 3rd-4th.


The Call Centre SMT will be a hands-on, practical training workshop to equip participants with: 
- New and updated call handling techniques.
- Improved listening, comprehension, data entry, and resolution time.
- Improved call management (average handling time - AHT).
- Improved call etiquettes, opening/welcome scripts/verbiage, appropriate verbal cues, and non-verbal but perceivable mannerism and disposition.
- Outbound/telemarketing calls skills.
- ⁠Effective and appropriate questioning. 
- And answers to the many questions participants (call center agents/Representatives) will ask the resource persons and professionals at the workshop. 


This year’s edition comes with an added measure: Data entry on the CRM.  This means the workshop will be twofold:
- Calls (inbound & outbound) training.
- Inputting calls information on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. 

The benefit is not only to improve participants' call management but also to effectively dispose of information arising from such calls in a simplistic and understandable manner on the provided platform for better understanding by colleagues and other internal customers who will develop and work on the call information until resolution is concluded.


Details of the program and sequence:
Workshop:- Call Centre Skills Management Training with log data entry on CRM. 
Dates:- April 26th - 27th,  May 3rd - 4th  (4 sessions). 
Time:- 18:00-20:00 (GMT)  - Nigeria: 6-8pm   - Ghana: 5-7pm   - Gambia: 5-7pm 
Mode:- Online via Zoom with practical sessions and CRM on partner affiliate school portal. 
Workshop Sequence:- Participants, after registration, access the school portal to download study materials and read up ahead of the program.
- Class is held online via Zoom, followed by practical sessions and input on the school portal.  
- Workshop exercises are also conducted at the end of the sessions, and certificates issued to participants. 

Workshop Fee:-  $5 
Ghana: GHc 60  
Gambia: GMD75  
Nigeria: N6,000.

To Register and make payment in for the program CLICK HERE

Who can participate?: 
- Receptionist/front desk personnels. 
- Call centre agents/representatives.
- Switch board operators. 
- Emergency call receivers/responders. 
- Anyone who transacts or engages with clients over the phone.
- The general public.  


The West Africa Association of Customer Service Professionals (WAACSP) is Africa’s largest customer service body.   -WAACSP certificates are globally recognized and accepted as an input arising from deep and professional education in capacity development and professionalism.